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Stop in for a Reiki Session!

We offer hands-on and Distance Reiki Sessions at Spice of Life Herbs at no cost; love offerings are accepted. Sessions are available by walk-in or by appointment. 

We aso offer Reiki Classes.

What is Reiki?

If you are new to Reiki we hope you will attend  one of our Reiki Circles to experience Reiki first hand.
Spice of Life Herbs Reiki Circles  



Reiki (pronounced ray key) is Divine Life Force Energy that relaxes, balances and places the body in the perfect state from which the body can activate its own self-healing capabilities and begin working towards a 'wellness consciousness'. Reiki is spiritual rather than religious in nature, making it useful to peoples of all religions or of none. It is a living, intelligent energy that affects all of the energy layers of your being, including the physical body.

Reikis benefits include:

  • deep relaxation
  • clearing
  • stress reduction
  • emotional  clarity
  • pain reduction
  • accelerated recovery from surgery or injury
Reiki also encourages spiritual growth, healing of relationships and manifestation of goals. The energy of Reiki is infinitely wise and knows exactly what it is we need, whether it be deep relaxation, stress relief, release of harmful thoughts or habits, or the activation of the healing power within us.

Reiki can be received through a Reiki practitioner by either a hands-on treatment or a distance session. During a hands-on Reiki session, the recipient remains fully clothed while the practitioner places their hands on or slightly above the recipient’s energy centers so the Reiki energy can flow into the person.

Each person feels Reiki energy in their own unique way, but generally a treatment will leave the recipient feeling extremely relaxed and at peace, with the subtle energy layers around their bodies balanced and the vitality of their physical body increased. This is the perfect setting for the body to begin physical self-healing, to heal relationships with others, to manifest goals and to enhance spiritual development and growth. The longer we can stay in this perfect state of being; the more our health, happiness and ability to live our lifes purpose will increase.


  Reiki in Hospitals


Reiki's popularity has been growing rapidly over the last several years. In fact, more and more hospitals are discovering the benefits of Reiki. Medical facilites such as Harvard affilate Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, California's St Joseph's Medical Center, Yale New Haven Hospital just to name a few are offering Reiki to their patients.

Yale New Haven Hospital has even allowed Reiki Masters in operating rooms during surgical procedures at the request of patients who wanted to receive Reiki while being operated on. 

Columbia University Medical Center offers a variety of intergrative therapies, including Reiki, for their program 'Children with Cancer'. 

Hartford Hospital in Conneticut has been offering Reiki to patients for eleven years. They have found that relaxation techinques such as massage therapy, guide imagery and Reiki help to decrease anxiety, strengthen the immune system, diminsh pain and accelerate healing.